August  2009



If you love the hair these gorgeous galz are wearing...give me a call.  We've indicated the style just under their pictures.....I'd love to help you pick just the right color  and style for you.....


Kat is wearing the Evette Wig in color Caramel Kiss from Estetica

You can email Kat here

You can purchase Kat's Estetica style by emailing me here...  (Not on our website yet)


Kat is wearing the Angel Wig in color 4H from Henry Margu

You can email Kat here

You can purchase Kat's Candi style here


Our Makeover/Photo shoot Packages include:

*  Full Face Professional Makeover (To include Fabulous lashes) -  (Please bring Preglued nails - Kiss or Broadway makes a wonderful FLAT preglue. They can be found at any drug store nationwide galz) 

*  Use of Wig that is perfect for your face

*  Pictures both mailed (On Disk)  & Emailed to you within 2 weeks - It's so much fun being a girl! 


Click HERE for pricing and Our DETAILED service packages available...


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