Guest Testimonials

Please Note:  Testimonials are from when I was located in North Montpelier... 2000 - 2004.  I moved from North Montpelier to Berlin in 2004

Here you will find testimonials of galz that have been guests at TG North...Thanks so much are all fabulous!


I just received the disk with my photos and I am overwhelmed.  Even though I stared at myself in the mirror at your place, I am still astonished by what I see in the photos.  I'm not half bad looking.  And even though you kept saying I looked younger than 49,  I didn't believe you until I saw these pictures.  You're a miracle worker.  I do have one complaint however, you have made me very vain.  I keep staring at my picture from your web site.
I want to thank you once again for making me feel so comfortable both during the photo shoot and during dinner.  I did not feel out of place at all.  For someone who I only have spent 5 hours with I feel like I have made a friend.
Once again thank you for everything
Saratoga Springs, New York.


My name is Teri Taylor and I am here to tell you that I never felt more feminine than on that fabulous Saturday, September 2nd. The day I visited "The Wig Goddess" Clare McAfee.

Like so many of my sisters I have wrestled with concern about passing. So much so that I thought the makeover that created Teri in June 2001 would have to be my lifetime memory. While I will never forget that day, this session with Clare was different and exhilarating.

I heard about Clare thru my sisters in the URNotalone network. After my typical dwelling …..should I call….. I finally called. During the entire conversation Clare continually referred to me by my femme name, Teri. Even when I provided the basic details she would need for my deposit. She never slipped. I was Teri!

Now for a real contradiction in terms, I felt so good after that initial conversation that I felt some regret that my appointment was a month away. As the days went bye I would exchange Emails with Clare. Sprinkled with the occasional call. Every single note or call continued to emphasize the fun and feeling of femininity that awaited Teri.

My day finally arrived. Without doubt I can now tell you that Clare underestimated herself. In my simple mind there is no one word that can describe the experience I had on September 2nd. So I am going to make up a word …..Fantabulous….. I think you get my point girls. Fantastic / Fabulous!!!

Upon arrival I was greeted with a warm sincere hug. Clare led me to the room I would use as my changing facility. Very nice with plenty of mirrors, we all know that girls like us love mirrors, and a nice comfortable love seat. No rush put on me to change. After changing into my first outfit I walked into Clare’s studio where her task began.

Like two girls that have been life long friends, we chatted as Clare worked on me. Never once allowing me to peek. Her husband Chris came in for a brief hello and moved on. Lucky Clare! It seemed like minutes later when Clare spun my chair around and I saw the female me that I have dreamt about. It is truly a magical moment when you see the look you have fantasized about right in front of your eyes. I felt so wonderful!

We then moved outdoors for Photo’s. While typically never one that lacks for words, I think the only way to describe what Clare did for me is top ask you to look at the Photo’s I have posted in my site at I have every confidence that the results you see will have you all agree with me …..Clare is magical!.....

Teri Taylor   -     Massachusetts

I recently visited TG North for a wig purchase/makeover.  Needless to say, I was nervous as this was to be the first time that anyone had seen me dressed as my femme self.  When I arrived Clare met me at the door and gave me a hug and reassured me
and amazingly my nervousness disappeared.  Clare is so understanding and compassionate that in no time after I was dressed I was totally relaxed and having fun and we were talking like girl friends.  She is a true professional and the wig that she helped me with picking out is perfect for me and she made look and feel absolutely gorgeous.  Thanks to Clare it was a very special and wonderful day for me.
I had such a wonderful time on my first visit, that I just recently went to TG North for a second time for a makeover/photo shoot.
As I said, Clare is really good at what she does and her makeover made me look and feel absolutely beautiful.  She is also a real professional at doing the photo shoots and my pictures came out looking gorgeous.  We went outside to take the pictures and she just did a great job.  I had a great time and a lot of fun and we chatted for the whole session like girl friends.  Once again, thanks to Clare it was another very wonderful and special day for me.
If anyone is looking to let their femme side come out to play I would suggest that you call Clare at TG North and schedule an
appointment.  TG North is very a very discreet and private place and nobody needs to worry about their privacy.  You will find Clare and her husband Chris to be very compassionate and understanding.  After Clare has worked her magic on a makeover you will
look and feel absolutely beautiful.  Thank you Clare for the wonderful service you provide for us.  I am really looking forward to my next visit to TG North.
Stephanie   -     New York


Once upon a time, in the far away land of the sugar maple, lived a kind and loving couple by the name of Clare and Chris. On a bright and sunny day in July an ugly duckling with  the name of Paige arrived at the castle just beyond the singing bridge. She walked up to the door, hesitated then rang the bell. You see Paige was afraid and nervous because she had always felt different and she knew in her heart that people could see beyond her gruff male exterior and her drab male clothing.


The door opened and Clare took one look at Paige, gave her a hug and asked her in. Immediately Paige felt at ease. Clare was a slightly built woman with beautiful eyes and a heart of gold. She put her arm around Paige and led her into her castle. They passed through the entryway of pastel painted walls with frescos of flowers and soon came to the great hall.


There was a gasp of breath as Paige took it all in. There on Paige’s left was an entire wall of wigs in colors of brown and blonde and red and all shades in-between. In the corner of the opposing wall, a bar made of mahogany and several stools were waiting for friends of Clare to sit and enjoy some refreshment. Down from the bar was a mirror that stood about 6 feet tall and 3 feet wide. Even from that distance I could see that it had magical properties. As I moved toward the mirror Clare said “Paige, why don’t you wait until later when you can see your beautiful self in that mirror”.


As I turned away from the mirror my eyes rested upon a pool table and Clare said “That’s where all my girls play pool. You’ll have to try it later.” I began fantasizing about a game of pool when Clare interrupted my thoughts to bring me over to her makeup table. There before my very eye was everything a girl needs to make herself look beautiful. Could this be happening to me? Could I really be at the magical castle in the land of maple syrup and green mountains? Please, oh please don’t let this be a dream.


My private thoughts were broken as I heard Clare say “Shall we get your things and show you to your room Girl?” Wow, did I hear correctly? It was then that I realized, Clare had not referred to me in anything but my femme persona. It was to be that way for the next 24 hours. I was Paige… I was the person I had fantasized about for what seems like forever.


I replied “Yes, I’d love to” and we went out to my carriage pulled by 180 horses and I grabbed my bag and Clare picked my dress off the hanger in the back seat. “What a beautiful Dress Paige!” I couldn’t believe it. I had ordered that dress from a catalog and here was another woman telling Paige that it was beautiful. I was surely dreaming. 


I locked the door and we walked back into the Castle by the Singing Bridge only this time we turned to the right and went up the pastel colored stairway to the second floor and entered what can only be described as the Princess Suite. A dining room table sits opposite a counter with a stove and sink. On the far end of the room there is red sofa with a TV and a VCR/DVD player. Magazines to read are Vogue, Allure, Ladies Home Journal and catalogs from Newport News and Victoria’s Secret. Just what is Victoria’s secret anyway? Clare told me to ignore the stove and sink, “Paige will not be doing any cooking or washing of dishes. Just flip the switch on the coffee pot in the morning. It’s all set to go.” as she double checked the filter.


We then went through the door to what can only be described as girly heaven. The bed was covered in a comforter of off white cotton with flowers and pillow shams of the same material. Extra pillows and stuffed animals completed the picture and along side the bed was a nightstand with little porcelain figurines. “Oh, my God, it is beautiful!” I exclaimed. Clare’s eyes sparkled, knowing that all the work that she and Chris have put into this magical castle makes all her girls feel some at home and so, so very special.


“After you put your things away girl, you get dressed and come down and we will get to work right away.” Clare left to go downstairs and I just sat down on the bed and took it all in. I was here. I was at The Castle by the Singing Bridge. My fantasy had just begun.


I quickly prepared for my makeover, putting extra care into shaving. No 5 o’clock shadow for this girl. I selected a pair of ultra sheer pantyhose and completed dressing in my new blue floral print georgette 2 piece jacket dress and my white strappy sandals. After getting ready to go down I thought, “Should I look at myself in the mirror up here?” I decided I would wait until I could see myself in the magic mirror downstairs.


I stepped out of my room and immediately sensed I was in a place of comfort here. A place of safety. I was dressed enfemme and I could let others see me. I had not felt that way before. As I walked down the stairs, the sound of my heels clicking on the stair treads was music to my ears. It was me. I was here. I was walking into a room dressed as a woman.


Clare was waiting by her table. “What a beautiful dress!” she exclaimed. “You come over here girl, sit in this chair and let’s make you look stunning”. Thus began the process of magically transforming the ugly duckling into the beautiful princess.


An hour later, after a difficult time with an eyelash, and picking out just the right wig, Clare stepped back, looked me over, exclaimed “Wow, you are beautiful!” Then she walked to the other side of the room and said  “Okay girl, you come over here to the mirror and take a look at yourself.”


I walked over toward her, keeping my head down until I was standing in front of the mirror. I lifted my head and looking back at me from that magical mirror was a beautiful woman. I could not believe it was me. I blinked several times but there I was, in a dress, a wig and full makeup. I felt good. No, I felt great. I straightened my shoulders, turned to first one side then the other. Clare handed me a small mirror and had me turn around. I looked into the mirror, saw my backside and slowly turned back to the front. I looked great, I felt good. I was Paige.


Clare had gone to the other side of the room and was dragging her nail polishing table back to the mirror. “You sit right here sweetie, and you can see yourself while I do your nails”

Clare finished my nails and by the time they were dry, her husband Chris, had set our lunch down before us. I sat there eating my lunch, with painted nails looking at Paige in the mirror while Clare and I exchanged girl talk. I was here. I was at the magical Castle by the Singing Bridge. I was Paige. The Shania Twain song “Man, I Feel Like A Woman” was going through my head. Clare had transformed me into a princess.


We finished our “Lunch by Chris” and Clare got her camera and said “Are you ready for your photo shoot?”


We moved over to the backdrop and Clare started posing me and taking pictures. The smiles came so easy. Soon she said “Would you like to change into something different?”


 I replied “I would but I don’t have a thing to wear.”

She said “Well, let’s go upstairs and see if we can find something.”


We made our way to the second floor and past my suite was a room with racks of clothes. Clare and I decided on an outfit and I quickly changed into a black skirt with a black shiny blouse. I came downstairs and Clare took several more pictures. We went back up again to the “Dress Room” and picked out a blouse to go with my skirt. Clare was so helpful as I had no idea how I would look or even what shoes to wear.


Back downstairs, touchup the makeup and eyelash, more pictures and then we were finished. I took a break while Clare downloaded the pictures. Soon she was ready and we began to look at them together. I was amazed, no, astonished. I didn’t think I could look that good.


After adjusting the pictures and downloading them to CD, Clare and I adjourned to the couch by the bar, drank a soda, and chatted like two girlfriends. She is so easy to chat with and she never runs out of things to say.


Soon it was time to get ready to go out to dinner. Clare encouraged but did not push me into going out in public. She made me feel very comfortable and confident. I elected to take what was for me, a very big step and go out to dinner with Clare.


We got into Clare’s chariot of blue and pulled by 150 horses headed into Montpelier to a wonderful restaurant call Hullio’s. As Clare pulled into the parking lot a twinge of fear came over me. She parked what seemed to be a mile from the door and I said to myself “You can do this. You are beautiful and confident.” I stepped out of the chariot keeping my legs together as a lady should and walked up to the restaurant, around the front, past the diners on the patio and into the front door. Just as proud and as confident as I felt.


We had to wait for a booth but soon we were seated and I felt great. I was out; I was in public, in my femininity and feeling great about it. Clare ordered a soda and I ordered a House Margarita. I drank it with a straw and kept glancing at the lipstick mark, thinking “Wow, it is me. It is, it is, it is.”


We ordered fajitas and sat and ate and chatted. Time flew by and although I kept glancing, no one was staring at me. How comfortable. Too soon it was time to go, Clare paid the bill and we walked out, past the new diners on the patio and back down the parking lot. I, in my 3 inch heels walking confidently and I looked marvelous if I might say so myself.


Our mighty steeds took us back to the “Castle by the Singing Bridge” oh too soon, but there was time for one last exciting adventure. Clare said “You are welcome to change into your nightie and robe and join us for a drink before you go to bed if you want?” I replied that although I had tried to get a nightie for this trip I hadn’t gotten one. She offered a new one from her rack of clothes and soon I was playing pool with Chris dressed in my red nightgown and robe. I lost two games to Chris and after finishing my drink, this princess went upstairs to her suite and called it a night.


The next morning arrived all too soon but the sadness of ending my fantasy was tempered by the wonderful meal of pancakes and warm maple syrup served to me in my room by Clare’s wonderful and amazing husband Chris.


There were teary good byes and all too soon my carriage was carrying me home. The only thing left to visibly remind me of what a wonderful time I had, were my painted nails. As I drove down the highway I let my hand hang out the window, glancing at my painted nails and remembering how Clare had made me feel. I had ventured into a world known by few. A world that we girls dream of but sometimes we think is impossible. I had gone there. It had felt fantastic. Paige had gone to the “Castle by the Singing Bridge” and had loved every minute of it. Thank you Clare. You are really a very special person. We are blessed to know her and her husband Chris. They are truly the King and Queen of the “Castle by the Singing Bridge”.


Paige - Connecticut 


s playing pool with Chris dressed in my red nightgown and robe. I lost two games to Chris and af

I recently made a trip to visit the good fairy! Clare, is her, in my mind. The anticipation was truly great. The whole trip was a great fantasy come true. Meeting her was such fun. She was truly the good fairy.  She instructed me to get dressed for my pictures which would happen after makeup application.

Clare professionally applied my makeup and nails and wig. Our conversation was very girlish. The whole environment was perfect for modeling.  Clare took many digital photos of me in different outfits. These came out to good to be true!

A lady is what I felt like swishy and feminine. Three different outfits for pictures.  The really great part was our dining experience, in Montpelier. Just two girlfriends out on town.  I felt like a pretty lady and enjoyed Clare immensely.  We were well received by everyone and felt so dreamy.  It was a girls night out.  Then home to sleep in my pretty negligee.  I woke up feeling like a real lady and very happy in my existence!


The whole time had been a great womanly experience, which I will do again as quick as possible.
Clare and family are perfect host's and nice people. Every one should endure this treatment, from such a good "FAIRY"        


Jennifer-New Hampshire  



I had a wonderful time yesterday. You really can do magic. I felt so
pretty, it was really special for me. Now I have all those terrific photos
to remember it by.
You really are a sweetheart for those of us that need an escape into the
world of femininity.
Thanks again,


Girl, you're the BEST!!!

I feel like I've found a long lost sister... it's so incredible to, after all these years, have someone to talk to who actually understands what I'm feeling inside. You made me feel so AWESOME (there's that word again... but it WORKS!!!) I could have sat and yakked with you all night and day you made me feel soooo comfortable. I'm soooo glad you were my first :-) you made it everything I ever dreamed it would be (how cliche, but true). I finally got the proverbial first foot out the door of this God forsaken closet and the world is a brighter place for me today thanks to your tremendous help. I can't believe that it was only a day... I was on such a cloud (literally as well as figuratively :-) ) that it feels like I've known you for so much longer. I could gush on and on but I know there is other mail to read etc so I'll let you get back to it. You realize, don't you, that you've blown my ego right to hell... I'll probably never get my pretty little head through a door again. I'm already dying to come see you guys again ( You know what you said about Pandora's Box... what a dangerous, and intriguing, thing it is...look out world!!! I'm going to shut up now and let you go but I promise you I will keep in touch and Brianna will be back! One last thing and then I really will shut up (I'm such a long winded bitch aren't I)... I wanted to write a testimonial for you (not that there is much left to be said about you guys, but I'd like to try) how do I do it, if you want me to? Talk to you later, I love you sis, and thank you again for everything

Briana ........Vermont......


Dear Clare.....

I had the time of my life and I will be back ,Very soon!      
Ive only been back home for a couple days and I'm already to come back.  I cannot begin to tell you how special and beautiful you made me look and feel,Im at a loss of words and if i could find them they would not come close to being enough thanks to you. I hope we can become close friends, and shop and do lunch more often together. Chris is such a sweet guy and your children are wonderful're  a very lucky girl. Count me in at the may event and Id like to get there early for a makeover also.
You're friend forever..... lots a hugs!

Amy R......Maine


How long could I hide her? For 28 years this person was hidden to everyone but me. Since

my early teens I chased, battled, tried to control and understand this being whom no one but I

had ever met, or for that matter, ever laid eyes on. This person was I, yet in essence, was the

opposite of all I was. While I was to the world a strong, confident, masculine individual, this

alter ego inside was shy, vulnerable, and acutely effeminate. Through 28 years of triumphs

and tears, successes and sorrows she was always there, surfacing for only stolen hours of

time. I sometimes felt that if I could just ignore her she would die. Other times I felt she

would kill me from within if I did not heed her advances. Strangely she enhanced some of my

relationships with friends and family. To others she was more of a frustration. To my wife

she was invisible yet always there. My wife never met her, never saw her, and never knew

she existed; yet, in a way, I believe my wife sensed her presence.

In December of 1998, for the umpteenth time, I purged myself of this mistress. This time I

wanted to end it. And it did, I thought.

Seven months ago, after eighteen years, my marriage dissolved. As I rebuilt my life she

struggled to the surface again. It had been over four years since I last heard from her. But she

now had the time, the opportunity, and a less divided mind to woo. And so our courtship

started over and I sought way to bring her out.

Last weekend I visited TGNorth for the first time. I wanted to explore and discover this

hidden identity again, to take it to the next level, to expose her to the world to see if what she

promised was true. With much fear and trepidation I traveled two hours to Montpelier, VT.

Though excited, I feared what I would discover, what I might learn about myself, what she

might do when revealed.

When I first walked in the hall I felt uncontrollably nervous, yet oddly at ease. The collective

embrace given by Clare, her staff, and the other girls softened the angst inside me and I

submitted. Through their gentle and loving care a beautiful woman appeared out of me that I

had only dreamed was there. I felt good. I felt complete. My new alter personality took on

the life of her own I had never fully allowed before. She now has a name, Kristy. While

Kristy is still a stranger to my friends and family, she has her own new friends to share this

experience with, and a new refuge in TGNorth.

Thank you, Clare. Thank you sharing your skills with tgirls like me. Thank you for

providing a clean, safe environment for us to practice something few understand. Thank you

for reintroducing me to my feminine side.

Is she in there? Let her out.

Kristy Elizabeth Dantes, Upstate New York



Dear Clare,

My heart was ready to explode all day. Being in your caring hand and watch you work your professionalism on Jennifer, may my so glad I called you. What was hiding inside you discovered and brought Jennifer home. You have changed my life for ever, So many unasked questions were answered today. What ever number of day I have here on this planet, will now be who I should have been all these years. You helped me feel so feminine and womanly, I will never be able to thank the right way. I am lost for words. Our trip into Montpelier to the restaurant I was dying a slow death each mile. Your encouragement pushed me along. I needed all the words that you are OK girl. We carried it off. We were the best looking women in the place. Thank you

I love you, Chris, the girls and my little visitor who said nothing but looked. I had a great one sided conversation. You all own my heart

Jenn from New York


Dear Clare
      What a Wonderful, delightful, exciting, peaceful, joyful, warm and cuddly, and everything is right kind of day I had. As you probably guessed I had a good time. When I got there I told Clare I wanted pictures as a friend had suggested. Then I shaved and sat in the chair. She explained everything as she went along. We both  asked a lot of questions. Her compliments put me at ease and she kept saying " your going to look beautiful girl", which made me think I just want to be able go out without fear. She used tape to raze my eyebrows and more tape to fix my jaw line. She picked out the wig for the first pictures, and put it on. The moment of truth was coming. I had a robe on and my makeup was done, she guided me to the mirror, and I had my first look. I was so overwhelmed with emotion  I started to cry, but remembered that my makeup would be effected. What a paradox, I couldn't cry like a woman because I was a woman. Clare and I were sharing something very special at that moment, I believe she would have let me cry and fixed my makeup after. .The good thing is, today when I have no makeup on and, remember that moment, it brings tears of joy to my eyes. There was no question in my mind the woman in the mirror was all woman and didn't have to hide. She gave me a knowing Hug we started got ready to take pictures.

I will always treasure the pictures she took. They not only captured the beautiful girl she told me I would be, but she captured the lovely woman inside.


Along with the tears of joy Clare saw me saw my expression of triumph. She accused me of giggling several times. Mature women don't giggle do they? Well I guess we do.These things Clare and I shared were very special to me. If anyone asks I am one of Clare's girls. Clare and I have many things in common. One is she loves her work and so do I.

Toni from New England


My name is Carole and I'm an older, large size CD who has been locked in a deep, dark closet for many years.

I'm married to a wonderful woman who knows of my cross dressing and gradually she has become accepting & somewhat supportive.

Due to family commitments, social pressure, and employment situations, I was glad to just get a night in the house where I could get dresses and try to learn how to do my makeup so I would look feminine.

Four things changed all that: The "Internet" - two CD friends named "Karen" & "Julia" - & "Clare" at TG North.

My dear friend Karen who gave me moral support and designed and tailored a fantastic, custom made, beautiful "1950s", bouffant, powder blue prom dress that fits me perfectly. It is the prettiest dress a girl could ever have on, or want.

But, I still needed help with my makeup.

I love my wife dearly and don't want to do anything to compromise or relationship.

I finally got up enough nerve to ask my wife if she would go with me to get some professional help with my makeup.

After several long conversations she said "OK I will go" but she lacked meaning.

My wife said I needed to find a very secure and discrete location to help me make the transition from big male to attractive female. She casually mentioned, "You will need a MIRACLE WORKER" to make you into a girl.

I talked to Julia and she assured me that TG North was a very, very discrete location.

I then called Clare at TG North and talked openly with her about my wife's concern's.

She discussed every aspect of her operation and then, surprisingly, she asked if she could speak to my wife!

I put my wife on the phone and let them talk. My wife was put at ease and even agreed to have a make-over done on her if it was done tastefully and discretely.

My wife said "lets go" but I still felt she was slightly reluctant.

When we arrived we were welcomed by Clare and we all three just sat around and talked for several hours.

Clare answered every question and finally my wife began to relax & began to feel comfortable with the situation & environment.

My wife relaxed and took a nap and I went to the make-up chair with Clare.

Outside of my wife, Clare is the greatest person I have ever met. She is completely open and is completely dedicated to doing a very special make-over for every client.

Clare studied my features closely and worked her magic. She tried several different looks on my face.

She is a perfectionist when she is doing make-up and then she worked at selecting, just the right wig for me.

I took seven of my own wigs with me.

The wig that looked the best was a long curly, European Natural "AMANDA", in a bark blonde color with light blonde highlights.

Clair said that this wig looked the best and asked where I got it? I said "it came from you!

She had suggested it to me from a E-mail I sent about 4 months ago".

I had described my size and facial features and she had suggested this combination having never seen me!!!

Wonder why they call her the WIG-GODDESS??

We did several wonderful make-up & photo sessions, and I loved it.

Clare found that I am not too outspoken and she kept asking me "are you having a good time sweetie?

I quietly said "I AM HAVING A BALL". I guess I needed to show more emotion but inside I was "hot"

After the photo session my wife and I ate dinner with Clare, her great husband Chris and their children.

I was completely dresses and made-up and the whole family was wonderful and uninhibited.

I was just aunt Carole & I loved it.

The kids were the greatest.

On my last day, during our photo session, while I was dressed in my new 1950s bouffant prom dress, Clare's girls came in from school and their expressions and actions made me feel like the prom queen.

The girls just went wild with envy saying "your beautiful" "oh, your so beautiful".

They wanted to have their picture taken with me and asked if they could have a picture to put on their wall.

I agreed to give the girls a photo of me in my prom dress for their bedroom wall.

Boy that did it for me, I felt like the prom queen!

I was in heaven and at the end of the day I didn't want to take the dress off.

Any one who wants a once in a lifetime crossdressing experience will be bold-over by Clare at TG North.

The wife and I will be back soon and I look forward to having Clare do her magic on us again.

Carole from St. Louis

P.S I think the wife was surprised, and a little envious, after she saw how great I looked!!!!




Dear Clare,

Something magical happened while I was taking a bubble bath, applying my makeup, doing my hair, and dressing for Spring Fling last Saturday evening. Instead of feeling like an envious male playing a female's game, I felt I was experiencing these sensations completely as a young lady would. Thus, I carefully blended my eye shadow, fussed over the array of petticoats under my dress, and slipped a compact and lipstick into my purse before leaving - not because my fashion magazines told me to, but seemingly out of instinct. After all, isn't this just what a female does as she prepares for a special evening out?

I drove to the dance so enthralled, I would have been satisfied if that was all the evening offered. Yet, the magic was just beginning. For when you greeted me so warmly, gushing over my blue dress and telling me I looked as beautiful as I felt, I realized that Cinderella fantasies actually can come true.

Clare, the beautiful testimonials on your Web site only touch the surface in describing the elation (and peace) that you bring to us. We spend so much time in the mindset of little girls playing dress-up, we long for someone to tell us that we truly look like the princess whom we aspire to. And how special for us when someone shares our joy of spending hours in pure, ultrafeminine bliss (how wonderful it must be for every blushing bride!). I cannot thank you enough for providing those treats for me.

I loved your affection, your acceptance of everyone, especially with so many of us approaching our femininity differently, in both dress and deportment. I have always been the hopelessly romantic, ultrafeminine combinations of Snow White, Scarlet O'Hara, and Cinderella, who cannot wear enough ruffles on her dresses or enough ribbons in her upswept curls (even my hair ribbons

are trimmed in lace). Every feminine extreme seemed to be on "display"

Saturday night, yet I sensed in each girl that because of you, she felt comfortable, at peace with herself, and unique.

Physically and emotionally, I felt like I spent the evening on a cloud. I only needed a handsome prince sweeping me into his arms and twirling me across the dance floor to complete my Cinderella fantasy. But maybe that, too, can come true for me (and oh, to be kissed while wearing that dress!). When I left that evening, I found myself wandering aimlessly under the stars for a time (again, longing for my prince), savoring every moment, and wishing the evening would never end.

In my private fantasies, I am always a lady - refined, soft, prim romantic, maybe a bit of a flirt. Never did I begin to dream that someone (you) would truly acknowledge me that way.

There is much frustration, disapproval, and confusion that we who dress encounter with our overwhelmingly feminine preferences. In a perfect world, we would find unconditional acceptance. For a few hours last Saturday night, I discovered how wonderful such a world would be. I will always treasure you for allowing a lifelong dream to come true.

Fondest wishes,



"A drive to.......heaven"

As I drove up to Montpelier, Vermont, my heart was beating fast. As I past

through the town, knowing that evening I would be there, as Jamie, for the

very first time in public, a lump in my throat developed. My heart kept

beating harder and harder as I made the final turn in front of "The Dance

Hall" and parked my car. Well, here goes nothing. Do I keep driving, or do

I swallow hard and follow through on the dream I have had all my life......

Then all my worries went away the second I met Clare. Big hugs: her favorite

word, and her favorite activity. Not for show, no, Clare is not about show,

she is the most incredible woman that I have met. She is about caring, and

helping, and being Clare.

Immediately being made to feel at ease, I sat in the miracle chair for the

ultimate transformation. I say miracle, because once you have experienced

Clare's work, her photography, and her kind reassuring words, you'll

understand the words better.

The time couldn't have gone by faster, or longer, in that chair, waiting for

Jamie to emerge, and then, as if by the twinkle of her nose and the final

touch of a carefully chosen wig, Jamie became the woman she always knew was


The next thing I knew, clothes were coming and going, hair was being redone,

makeup touched up, and photos shot, and then, there was Jamie, on film, for

all the world to see.

Getting ready for a great dinner out was easy, but the hardest thing I've

ever done, but there was Clare, reassuring, and gentle as an angel. We found

a great little place, new to Clare, so I think even she had some worries, but

holding hands, we went in, and had a meal I probably will forget quickly, but

an experience I will never forget. We talked girl talk for hours. Way too

short a time. Then back to the funky place known as the dance hall. The

evening, and the morning were a blur.....too fast to count, knowing the end

was rapidly approaching.

But alas, I had to leave, knowing I would be back again and again. I know it

was a miracle, I have the pictures to prove it.

To all that read this, this place is heaven, and is being watched over by an

angel- my new friend, Clare.

Hugs to all,



 Dear  Clare, Chris, Sara, Emily, & Christopher,

"How does one go about expressing feelings too special to put into words? I just got back from my sixth visit to TG North, and each new trip is better than the last one. It is incredible how comfortable  and welcome your entire family makes me feel. Clare you are the warmest, kindest, most genuine person I have ever met, and I pride myself on my ability to read what is in a person's heart. The greatest compliment that I can pay another person is to say "you make my heart soar" This girl is counting the days until my next visit. I know when word gets around you will be booked so far ahead that it will be virtually impossible to get a reservation.  Again Clare thank you for making me feel special, and for making each visit  memorable and soooooo much fun. I love you all."  Dianne....New Hampshire


"TG North is such a wonderful place to go,...and it is the TGN family that makes it so great!!!...Great is really too small a word here, for Clare, Chris and Family make you feel so very comfortable and at home. The area itself is like a picture post card; the clear water lake, convenient and friendly country store, rolling green hills and fields...The combination of the trees and lake and TG North's home beckons one to come in, relax, talk a while, and meet new friends whose interest's you share. Clare and Chris and Family are the "salt-of-the-earth" kind of people, they are always there with kindness and understanding to help you! "   Paula...NH


"The only word that describes my experience at TG North is HEAVEN! The entire 24-hours was a dream come true! Clare is the most compassionate, accepting, caring person I have EVER met! From the first minute, she made me feel like I was her best friend, not just a "client." She created a PERFECT day... her makeup and photography are FANTASTIC... I LOVE my pictures!!! We went out to a wonderful restaurant in town and had a FABULOUS time at dinner. It was such a relief to be able to open up to a person who GENUINELY CARES about TG girls!! Her husband Chris and their children were GREAT! They really make the entire experience complete. I CAN'T WAIT TO GO BACK!!!"  Suzanne Brittany....Texas


"My first time out dressed at TG North has filled a void in my life I have long thought would never be filled.  From the very first days almost 3-4 weeks before my first day when I confirmed that I was going to do this.  Clare was so positive and aware of this day..... my first day out ........that after each reply from her I felt like someone really cared about what I wanted to do.   Also the very same day for Jenny to be seen was also her Birthday...... what a way to start I only wish Clare had been around when I was 20. The night before the big day I could not sleep so I packed up and headed to Vermont. When TG North was within my sight it was a wonderful feeling to know that soon Jenny was going to step through the doors for all to see for the world to see.  It was very early in the morning and some of the girls started to come out and right away started to talk to me I started to feel much more at ease and Clare came over to me and hugged me and welcomed me. ( I was in Heaven)  and I thought to myself  that I must have fallen asleep and this was all nothing but a nice dream. But it was real and there were real people there and they were talking to me WOW is the only single word I can think of.  Clare started doing makeovers and I got to watch the results.   I just could not believe the work she does everyone was so pretty when she finished each girl......... then all of a sudden she turn towards me and said your next...... My heart sank down to my little toe. While I sat on Clare's chair she was speaking to me explaining what she was doing and what my wig color should be. When she placed the auburn wig on my head and toyed with the hair I could only wonder what I looked like.........  when she lead me to a large mirror and I opened my eyes no words can explain the feelings I felt. For the rest of the day I was able to mingle and talk to other girls like me that knew what I was feeling.

I know I have made real friends and have met real people that really care and I will plan for the next trip to TG North. As one girl told me there I will be hooked on my first day and I now know what she was saying I am hooked all I can now say is thank  Clare and Chris for filling the void of my life for giving me another vision of the world from a wonderful place place in Vermont."  Jenny


 P.S. A special thank you to Clare and Chris and to Stephany thanks Steph.  and to all the other girls hugs to all of you.



"Five minutes after I arrived at TG North I knew that I would have to write a
testimonial.  The only problem is that after a day I knew that nothing I
could say would be enough!  The place is incredibly comfortable.  Chris'
cuisine is fantastic.  The transformation and photo shoot were better than I
could have ever expected.  And if that were all, it would have been worth
every penny I spent.

But then you add Clare.  This is where words fail me, I can't say enough
about Clare.  She put me so at ease from the first moment.  The years of
anguish just melted away.  Clare is simply...Wonderful!!

The last thing I will say to those of you wondering if you should take a
trip to TGNorth is, "If you don't want to feel good about who you are then
don't go to TGNorth".  I know I'm glad I went, and I know I will be back." Cindy North from Utah

"TG North is a wonderful experience. Clare immediately put me at ease and made me feel welcome. She knew intuitively what I was feeling and thinking. As for the makeover, she is truly an artist (I never looked so good!). Clare is also a
skilled photographer as anyone can see on the guest pages. Clare's husband Chris and their kids are great. The food is something special. If only I could I'd be there every week. It's a lot of fun and a great value. Clare really understands what  we girls are and what we want ".... 
Vanessa, MA                          

"I want to restate to you how much I enjoy my visits to TG North. I find them very relaxing and fun filled. Every service you advertise comes complete, and your personal input add a unique and wonderful touch to the stay. I feel very at ease and comfortable with you Clare, and that feeling alone makes the trip well worth while. I think your a very special lady and I enjoy my time with you tremendously. You make me laugh, you help me with my confidence, and your reassurances give me hope. I don't know where this journey will lead, but having you for support to this point has definitely made the road easier. Take care, hugs and kisses....I miss you and your place"....Darla Valentine, NH

     "TG North is a fabulous place in Vermont. What the most beautiful thing of all is Clare and her family. I completely feel like I'm part of their family. I love them all so much. Clare is my sister and I love her so much!".....Diana Arria, Boston, MA

     "All TGs, CD, TV, TS and any other category I missed...Vermont is calling. I have, in my CD life, visited a number of transformation shops. But NEVER have I had such a powerful and wonderful experience as I had at TG North. Clare is a person to whom you take an immediate liking. She is supportive and caring...more importantly puts your needs above all else. She encourages you with her positive energy in trying different looks. Going to TG North is like getting to play with all the makeup and wigs you ever dreamed about. So...I strongly suggest, no URGE you to come by car, truck, plane, train, thumb, or walk if you must....but get thee to TG North. Happy Dressing".....Jennifer Roberts, New England


     "Thanks so much for an incredible weekend! I was never treated so well. You made me feel like such a lady (especially when you painted my toenails). Your husband Chris is such a gourmet chef...the food he prepared for me was the best I've tasted. The accomodations were quite comfy. The scenery is spectacular from your office window, the lake and all of Vermont right from your window. Then you took me into town for a most enjoyable experience I'll soon not forget, at the State House and the Coffee Shop and all the attention we got!!!So much fun!!! I really was so impressed with all the services and didn't want to leave! But all good things must come to an end...but there is going to be many more times I'll visit you...I can't stay away much longer...I have a vacation week coming up in October...WOW!!! What a coincidence that iit is the week of your Grand Opening...So I'll see you soon and I'm counting the hours!!! Luv Ya".....Mischelle Michaels, Boston, MA

     "For me, TG North was the most fantastic place I have yet been to for a total feminizing experience. Clare is exceptionally good with makeup and real personalized service. Being in "femme" for two solid days was an experience not soon forgotten".....Sharon R., Maine

     "Clare and Chris...thank you both for an unforgettable weekend. TG North certainly is a beautiful place, not because of Vermont's natural beauty, but because of the beauty I see in your hearts. TG North is people who care, two pearls in a magical oyster, Clare and Chris. I love you both....."Linda Christine, MA

     "Clare and Chris...I want to thank you for a wonderful weekend at TG North. It was both exciting and educational. You made me feel as if I was a part of the family...and now I am Aunt Karen. The chance for Karen to shine for 48 hours was an educational and enlightening experience. Your kindness, compassion, and support, as well as the fantastic company, made the trip worth any price! I love you always." Karen Jandro, MA

     "Hi. My name is Linda Marie Rossi and although I've been dressing for some 42 of my xx years ;-) I've never gone away nor had I ever had a professional make-over. I was more than a little nervous, but all of the reports I had read about Clare and Chris at TG North had been quite glowing. My fears were quickly dissipated as Clare very warmly greeted me at the door. The entire weekend just went from good to better to great as her obvious sincerity, honesty and warmth shined through and slowly washed away my fears. I really can't say enough good things about her and her family. You will be made to feel like one of the gang. The accommodations are modest but are being improved all the time. What really matters after all is the people and there's nothing but good things to say about them. Have a blast and tell them Linda (the CEO) Rossi sent you. ;-D" Linda Rossi, New York

  "Words can not express the feelings I have for Clare and Chris and their family. I love you all! This has been one of the most exciting days of my life. You have given me the gift of confidence and have helped bring out the beautiful lady inside...Thank you so much." Yvonne, Mass.


    "TG North is the greatest: Clare and Chris are two of the nicest people I've ever met. I needed a place where I could go to get away from my everyday routine, and concentrate on the sensualness and beauty that I feel when female. Thanks for a very memorable time. All my Love , and Happy Holiday Wishes. "


"This December marked my first visit to TG North. I had an amazingly good time during my stay. It was extremely pleasant to be embraced to the bosom of such a nice family.  "For me, the weekend's most significant event was stepping out the door for the first time. My only regret is that is didn't get my ears pierced during the shopping trip."  Holly Jones, New York.

"Often times we see, hear & read glowing testimonials about various places & wonder if all the glowing words are really true?  Let me say that a trip to TG-North in Vt. is DEFINITELY worth the trip!  Clare is such a wonderful person. She welcomes you into her home & puts you at ease from the very first moment you meet her.  I had a wonderful time in her “chair” and could hardly believe the how great she transformed me into a beautiful young woman!  It was a lot of fun taking the pics, as she has so many clothes & wigs to try.  Want to change your personality, change your hair & clothes. 
Experiment with a new look…go for it!"
"Her husband Chris is a gem as well.  He’s very easy to talk to & get to know.  He creates the most wonderful dinners you could image!  Dessert & All!  The hardest part there is maintaining my girlish figure!"
"So thanks again Clare for a wonderful weekend. I hope to make many more trips to TG-North!  You are really a sweat & caring person.  I know I made a new friend!"  Kelly L. Metzgar, New York.