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I am available...Tuesdays - Saturdays.....By Appointment only...

Making an appointment is SO simple. Give me a call... (802) 229-1112 or email... Please have dates in mind as I will take a Non refundable 50% of service deposit to put you on my schedule.  i.e.  if you are having a makeover that is $60.00...the deposit is $30.00.  Please note...only serious inquiries...if you cancel..or are a No show....You lose the deposit. 


When you first arrive, (Please arrive shaved and ready for makeup)....You get you into your first outfit and I'll get your makeup and hair perfect....You will look fabulous ladies!  We can discuss the look you want to go for whether it be the lovely girl next door, showgirl, or TOTALLY glamorous. ....Please bring your own clothing

I have breastforms and wigs for use for pictures....that are included in the price.  Please pick up a set of Preglued nails to use.... I own a full service Wig & Makeup if you love the wig you are wearing...or the makeup I use....It is available for purchase. Once you are dressed and looking fabulous...I'll put your nails on while you are staring at yourself in the mirror (This will happen alot).......we then photograph this FAB new you!  You will receive your portraits in an email within 48 hours

Please see my pricing and visit packages below galz...

Absolute Privacy

My sweet friends...please know...that I practice at the utmost level of confidentiality. We will only use your female name and last initial in our records. We even bill your credit card discreetly (Your statement will say "CM Products")  This is a private place....only advertised through word of mouth...or TG friendly papers and magazines. I hope this helps.

Private Storage Also An Option

For a small fee of $25.00 per month, I will store things for you here. I have a special room that is locked at all times. I only ask you for 4 months in advance. Please call toll free for details....802-229-1112

The Price

Day & Evening Hourly Packages 

 Professional Makeover  Session This condensed package is for the gal on the run.  Complete makeover to include lashes must use your own wig (which I will style for you) and clothes....We have gorgeous wigs for sale...but I do not lend or rent them.  $60.00.  (1  hour) Please note Extra time is available at $60/hour.

Makeover/Wig BUY  Purchasing a wig is want just the right color and style to optimize your skin tone and eye color...something that makes you look fabulous...come and have a makeover and we'll spend time finding you just the right wig....Makeover is $60.00 Plus the cost of the wig.......1 hour and 20 minutes or so.... (A GREAT FIRST APPT. - This allows you to see your absolute potential)...

Makeover/1 Outfit photo shoot  This is so much fun.  Complete makeover to include lashes, use of a fabulous wig and 8 Gorgeous Portraits will receive your portraits within 48 hours in an email......$250.00 (2 Hours)

Makeover/2 Outfit photo shoot  This is so much fun.  Complete makeover to include lashes, use of a fabulous wig and 12 Gorgeous Portraits ... you will receive your portraits within 48 hours via email.....$400.00 (2.5 Hours)

Makeover/Lunch or Dinner with Clare  How fun...A professional makeover...bring your wig and I'll style it... or you can buy a fabulous new one here......

$60 for the makeover (First hour) and $75/Hour after that.... - You pay for Lunch/Dinner


 Makeover  & Shopping Trip(no pics) -  Complete makeover to include lashes and use of breastforms (You must use your own wig...I don't rent them or you could buy a fabulous new one here)-  $60 for the makeover (First hour) and $75/Hour after that


Makeover  & Shopping Trip w/ pics -  Complete makeover to include lashes and use of breastforms -  8 picture photo shoot in Vibrant color PLUS 2 hour shopping trip....$500.00 (3.5 hours total) (We allow an extra 1/2 hour to get back and clean up)....Need Extra time to shop?....Only $60.00 for each extra hour.


Ultimate Makeover  Package -  Complete makeover to include lashes, use of wigs, shoot...2 changes of clothing and wigs (Your clothing)...dinner out (We Split Dinner Cost).......$550.00

Local Hotel Listings....


Phone #

The Inn At Montpelier *** (Karel & John are Awesome - (Beautiful Accomodations) 802-223-2727
Twin City Hotel 802-476-3104
Comfort Inn 802-229-2222
Capital Plaza Hotel 802-223-5252


Directions to TG North

Directions:........Once you hit Vermont get on I89 towards Montpelier. Get off on exit 8. This will put you right on route 2 East.  At about 3 will see an AGWAY store on the right...mark your odometer..I'm a half mile up on the right...make a right and drive around the back ...Our entrance is there..You will see our banner.   See you here galz!

I can't wait to hear from you. Please give me a call or email me ......and we can start the fun!

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